Special Effects

Water Screen [1m, 2 m, 3m modules]

High-End Water projection screen stainless steel, falling free with enormous water amount in different lengths and heights. Construction materials are high-grade steel and  high-quality plastic. Perfect for projections and laser shows on fairs and events as well as permanent  installation.

Water Screens 48m x 18m
Water Curtains Ice Vision 1500 holes /m , 3m modules

Haze and Smoke Machines

  • Look Solution Unique Haze II
  • Look Solution Orka 9Kw
  • Look Solutions Viper 2.6

Dry Ice Machines

  • DRY ICE City Theatrical 6600 (80kg Capacity)
  • DRY ICE City Theatrical 3300 (40kg Capacity)

DMX Motorized “MAGIC” Mirrors
Mirror Ball– 1M Diameter
QUASAR 2 KW Stroboscopes

Black Gun Neon Wood 400W

Snow Machines Universal Effects
Bubble Machines Universal Effects

Kabuki System Gerriet with 5 controllers
SPOTLIGHT-  Moving Yoke Video Projectors

KVA Effects Tesla Coil – Lightning Generator [6m lightning]

Confetti Cannons
Confetti Shooters – dmx

Artificial Flames

CO2 Jet Universal Effects

Water Fountains (5mtrs up to 30mtrs) 24m Length

Stark 1200 Architectural Projectors
CMY 4KW Xenon Sky Trackers DMX

LED Dance Floor [1m x 1m modules]