Equipment for Rental

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    Audio Equipment

    FOH SPEAKERS Meyer Sound MILO 90 Meyer Sound MILO 120 Meyer Sound MICA Meyer Sound M1D Meyer Sound M-ELODIE Meyer Sound MSL-4 Meyer Sound UPJ-1P Meyer Sound UPJunior Meyer Sound UPM-1P Meyer Sound MM-4XP Meyer Sound 700-HP Subwoofer Meyer Sound 500-RMS Subwoofer Meyer Sound M1D […]

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  • LIghting big

    Lighting Equipment

    CONTROL DESKS Grand MA Full Size Console Grand MA Ultra Light Cosole Highend Systems’ Road HOG Full Boar Console Avolites Rolacue Sapphire Console Avolites Pearl 2008 SGM Pilot 3000 Mixer INTELLIGENT LIGHTS ( Moving Lights) Highend Systems DL3 Digital Light Highend Systems Intellaspot Highend Systems […]

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    Video Equipment

    LED Screens TecnoLED Model: P4_Bk – 4mm Full Color  Integrated 3-in-1 RGB Indoor LED Screen TecnoLED Model: P5_iv – 5mm  Custom Fit Full Color Integrated 3-in-1 RGB Indoor LED Screen TecnoLED Model: P5_rv – 5mm Standard Fit Full Color Integrated 3-in-1 RGB Indoor LED Screen […]

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  • maxim


    Green Lasers MAXIM AIR COOLED-50 watt Green Laser 532nm air cooled system with 6 selected OPSL Coherent laser modules to get a single most powerful beam. Standard ILDA connectors, input  voltage 230V{110V on request}, peltier cooling and heating, analog and TTL modulation, brightness setting on […]

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  • DSS-Food Surprises Opening Ceremony '06 (13)

    Special Effects

    Water Screen [1m, 2 m, 3m modules] High-End Water projection screen stainless steel, falling free with enormous water amount in different lengths and heights. Construction materials are high-grade steel and  high-quality plastic. Perfect for projections and laser shows on fairs and events as well as […]

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    Truss and Rigging

    Flat Truss LITEC – FX25 LITEC – FX30 Standard Trusses LITEC – QX 30 -SERIES LITEC – QX 40 -SERIES Circular Truss – QX30 LITEC – Circular Truss [ 3m dia.] LITEC – Circular Truss [ 4m dia.] LITEC – Circular Truss [ 5m dia.] […]

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  • Trussing

    Roof Structures

    LITEC Alusfera Half Dome  Roof Self weight: 3.108 Kg Self weight: 3.108 Kg Transport volume: 11,2 m3 Covered area/stowage volume ratio: 20.6 Trusses for roofing: Libera FL76 Roofing sheet: Self-extinguishing Class 2 – 650g/mq 22m x 11.5m x 11.5m with grid & cover <download technical […]

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  • Stage Platforms_icon

    Stage Equipment

    Stage Equipment NIVOFLEX- (200 x 100cm) Sections (TUV & GS certified, 750kg/m2) NIVOFLEX- (100 x 100cm) Sections NIVOFLEX- (50 x 100cm) Sections NIVOFLEX- (50 x 200cm) Sections NIVOFLEX-(200 x 100cm) Sections– Custumized ACRYLIC NIVOFLEX-Telescopic feet [available at height : 20cm : 180cm ] Feet for […]

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  • power boxes n cables

    Power Boxes and Cables

    Power Boxes 16 AMP Power Box — SP16M3WP 16 AMP Power Box — 4D1M2F19 32 AMP Power Box — PBF32M4M1C 32 AMP Power Box — PBF32P3M2C 32 AMP Power Box — PBF32M4M1CC 32 AMP Power Box — SP19M6FBC Cube Series 32 AMP Power Box — […]

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