Roof Structures

LITEC Alusfera Half Dome  Roof

  • Self weight: 3.108 Kg
  • Transport volume: 11,2 m3
  • Covered area/stowage volume ratio: 20.6
  • Trusses for roofing: Libera FL76
  • Roofing sheet: Self-extinguishing Class 2 – 650g/mq
  • 22m (w) x 11.5m (d) x 11.5m (h) with grid & cover
  • <download technical drawing>

LITEC LIBERA is a structure which leaves you free to decide the best solution for every job.

  • Compact and modular
  • Strong and reliable
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Versatile: it may be used for several purposes.

LITEC Libera 76 ( 22m x 18m x 11.5m with grid & cover) ;<download technical drawing>

LITEC Libera 105 <download technical drawing>

LITEC Double Pitch – RSD1210HD : Roof System with Varitower 2 – Heavy Duty
< download technical drawing >

Curved Roofing Systems – RSA0604ST
< download technical drawing >

FOH Control Room —Outdoor Installation