Highend Systems’ Hog 4

HES Hog 4







The Hog 4 lighting console embraces the latest technology, while retaining it’s familiar control surface. Users can walk up to the Hog 4 and start programming without having to learn a new interface. The new encoders, jog shuttle wheel, lcd keys, motorized faders and integrated keyboard enhance this experience, making the Hog 4 completely customizable. You can now have all the most important attributes on hand at any time.
Retaining the sleek look of past Wholehog consoles, the Hog 4 offers the user an advanced programming experience.

Two 17-inch wide screen touch displays and
a third central touch screen are complemented by three external monitor outputs, MIDI input and output ports, 8 USB ports, and 2 Fast Ethernet ports on a rugged Neutrik Ethercon connector. A DMX Processor 8000 is now built into the console.
You are prepared for everything from the smallest industrial job requiring a single console to the largest stadium show, theme park installation or Broadway spectacular requiring a multi-console setup with full network backups!

4 Platforms, one OS
The Hog 4 line of consoles provides state of the art hardware coupled with a tried and tested backbone. Building on our user friendly and intuitive GUI based software, the Hog 4 line is built for the future. Compatibility is key. Across the Hog 4 range you can load shows created in Hog 3 software and also take any Hog 4 OS show and load it into any Hog 3 platform running software version 3.2.6. You’ll get the most out of your current fleet while being able to invest in the latest platforms with total peace of mind.

Download HOG4 Brochure Here.



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